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Maroun N. Chammas Scholarship Fund at USJ

It was during an emotional gathering, in a family and friendly atmosphere, that the signing of the protocol for the "Maroun N. Chammas" scholarship fund took place on Friday, December 20, 2019 at Saint Joseph University of Beirut (USJ).

Indeed, it is surrounded by his "three" families that Maroun Chammas, Chairman and CEO of Berytech, wanted the ceremony to take place: his close family, more precisely his children, but also the Berytech team, which he considers to be his second family, and in the presence of the extended family of USJ. In his word interspersed with emotion, Maroun Chammas explained the reasons that led him to the constitution of this Fund, intended for students of the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Management and Business, the Faculty of Pharmacy, the Faculty of Engineering and Lebanese School of Social Training.

The “Maroun N. Chammas Scholarship Fund” was established with the USJ Foundation. It allows the university to grant scholarships of $5,000/year to students with an entrepreneurial project that addresses a societal problem. The selection of candidates is based on a double academic and social criterion. The funds for the scholarship originate from the $100,000 per year he has committed over 10 yers part of the Maroun N. Chammas Recognition Award. As this year the circumstances in Lebanon are not favorable for organizing the awards, Chammas decided to divert his yearly financial commitment to funding the scholarships.

Because Maroun Chammas has entrepreneurship in his blood, he wanted to pass, through the Maroun N. Chammas Recognition Award program, this passion to the greatest number of young people. According to Carmel Ghafari Wakim, General Secretary of the USJ Foundation, this scholarship fund as well as the Maroun N. Chammas Recognition Award program are “projects that bring hope to young people who believe in our dear Lebanon and present a sign of gratitude and encouragement to these young people who want to live and innovate in their country against all odds.”

Speaking during the ceremony, and addressing Mr. Chammas, Professor Salim Daccache sj, rector of USJ, estimated that the name of Maroun Chammas, associated with several industrial, commercial and economic activities, “is inevitably linked to Berytech, which I consider to be the flagship of your multiple achievements."

"By your commitment at the Berytech level,” continued the rector addressing Chammas, “you are at the service of creativity and innovation among young people, of their roots in Lebanon, and of this richness which they carry in them through education, which is our essential capital. Through Berytech, you are working to ensure that faith in our country is more firmly anchored in our minds, and to promote solidarity by multiplying initiatives with banks, embassies, international organizations, and I believe that you will double your efforts too because of these difficult times, to preserve the vocation of this institution."

“Berytech also embodies resistance through resilience! What we have learned from the recent national uprising is to be farsighted and have strong ideas for our action. Today you are taking action by creating this scholarship fund, and you are presenting a new sign of attachment to the values of the University which is celebrating its 145th anniversary, and which continues its mission by relying on its friends and partners, to better serve and be close to our young people, ”concluded the rector of USJ.

Mr. Chammas said for his part that he wanted "this ceremony to be a family reunion: mine and that of the USJ! It is important today, to give hope to people, not just the destitute but to everyone. Berytech has proven that it is an essential structure for entrepreneurship in Lebanon. The countries that advance us money are all headed by serious governance; so, even if I consider Berytech as my own business, I ask the University Council to revoke my appointment as director if I risk failing to fulfill my obligations, because there is an ecosystem at Berytech that works, in Lebanon and elsewhere, thanks to a talented team."

After the signing of the protocol, Professor Daccache gave Mr. Chammas the "Portrait of USJ" which he autographed, and the ceremony ended with a cocktail.

Original news published online on USJ here.

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